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Dream a bolder future as a software engineer.

HolaCode is betting against the current trends and landing incredible results.
— Nick Akey, Hack Reactor Alum/HolaCode Tech Mentor

Hola<Code /> developers are bilingual and bicultural, self-directed learners, and highly adaptable professionals. With extensive work experience, including customer-facing roles serving the US, they are relentless problem-solvers and effective team players.



Hacking obstacles by coding the future.

Hola<code/>, a Mexican social enterprise with the mission of promoting social mobility through education in technology, access to high demand employment and financial inclusion for the integration of migrants (returnees, deportees, and refugees) in Mexico. Hola<code/> provides them the tools to hack their obstacles and be the designers of their own path and agents of change in their communities.


Hola<code> selects students through an accessible yet rigorous admissions process, which is designed to select potential talent. In our program, we train students through over 1400 hours of Computer Science, Reading Comprehension, Studying Techniques and a JavaScript curriculum powered by Hack Reactor, that trains our students to think like Software Engineers.
Led by a passionate and experienced team of Tech Mentors, Hackers-in-Residence -who experienced the program themselves-, Counsellors, Migrantologists, Psychology Experts, and former Hiring Managers, we support our students to become exceptional software engineers for the best tech companies to hire.

We truly focus on providing high quality education, a tailored learning experience, providing tools for life from (ranging from learning techniques to learning how to plan and be accountable for achieving career goals). Our people-centered approach resulted into an accessible program that opens up the doors to having a career in tech for supporting the integration of migrants. Our track record, outcomes, alumni community and tailored support is unparalleled.

Thanks to the education, knowledge and sense of community gained through HolaCode I feel I can make a home for myself in Mexico with my family.
— Eddie BarraƱon, Cohort 1 Alumni



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