Hola<code/> is here to say welcome to Mexico and welcome to technology. We are looking for untapped, potential talent—migrants who are ready to launch their career in tech. We don’t require prior experience or education.

What We Look for

Tired of the lack of opportunities ni aquí ni allá? Are you determined to change things? Do you want to build and create new technology? We look for candidates with the mindset of a potential software engineer, and for individuals who share our core values of empathy and resilience.

Admissions Process

  1. Online exam

    1. Cover letter: Tell us why you want to join Holacode (min 150 words)

    2. Analytical assessment: This will help us evaluate your logical reasoning.

  2. ‘Teach Us Something’ Video

    1. Use your imagination for this! Send in a 1-3 minute video teaching us something new.

  3. Final Interview

    1. Final interviews can be conducted virtually for students outside of Mexico City.

    2. This interview is designed to assess your technical skills and your culture fit for the program.