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Eddie Barrañon

Fullstack Software Engineer at Santander Spotlight

I grew up there, even though the US was my home I was held back from many opportunities while becoming an adult due to being undocumented.  In 2017, I was sent back, leaving my wife and three kids behind, having to arrive alone to a country I no longer knew as home. Starting from zero was hard, I wanted to continue my studies but had to settle with working in a call center due to the bureaucratic obstacles that would not allow me.

When I found out about Hola<code/> I didn’t think twice and quit my job in the call center. I can now proudly say I’m a full-stack software engineer. Thanks to the education, knowledge and sense of community gained through HolaCode I feel I can make a home for myself in Mexico with my family. It’s programs like this and people helping one another that prove you can make an impact and a change.