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From 0% to full stack software developer!


HolaCode is a full-time educational opportunity to start a career in the tech sector, by developing both the technical and soft skills that you need to become a full-stack software developer. Our educational model focuses in learn how to learn, promoting autonomy, growing your skills at a fast pace and accelerating your talent. The program offers access to a deferred loan for your tuition and access to a direct loan to cover your living costs while you're studying. To start the program you don't need to have pre-existing skills or knowledge in coding, we are looking for people who dare to dream a bolder future! 


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Who can apply?

At this moment HolaCode is ONLY open to the community of returnees, deportees and refugees. First-hand migration experience associated with these communities is strictly required.

What is Software developING?

Field of developing based on designing and writing programs for computers or other electronic devices. A software developer is someone who solves logic-based problems on a daily basis.

What is the direct loan for a living cost?

It’s a loan that we make accessible for you without a credit history or a collateral that will be distributed on a weekly basis, so you can cover your living costs up to 5,000 MXN per month (subject to be higher if you have a family to support). This loan is not related to employability and is not managed by HolaCode, it is managed by third party financial partners.

What type of jobs can I access?

As a graduate from HolaCode you will have access to entry level positions for software developers. We will equip you with the tools you need to succeed in the industry. We also hold events and do mock interviews with our hiring partners to introduce you to the industry.

What are the requirements to join Hola<Code/>?

  • First-hand migration experience associated with returnee, deportee or refugee communities.

  • Advanced English proficiency (For the refugee community, we have a special assessment to evaluate English proficiency).

  • Being at least 18-years old.

Applicants are not required to have recognized or accredited studies, nor are they required to have any previous experience.

what is differed loan for tuition?

It is a student loan that we make accessible for you, that you start paying after the program. You pay nothing only if you have finished the program, apply to multiple jobs during 6 months and never got an offer.

What are the dates?

Dates for applications and new programs are announced through our website and social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

How can I apply?

Visit our Admissions page to learn more.