Student Stories



Software Engineer at SegundaMano

“This is the best place to learn about yourself. Your gaining the skills to become a software Engineer and also how to have a better perspective in having solutions in life.”


Jazmin Celaya

Cohort 2 Student

“I am working hard to become a better person, a better mom and a better software engineer so I can give back all the good things that I've been subjected to lately.”


eduardo Barrañon

Software Engineer at Santander

“When I found out about Hola<code/> I didn’t think twice and quit my job in the call center. I can now proudly say I’m a full-stack software engineer.”


 HolaCode graduates triple and quadruple their previous incomes.

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Employer Network

HolaCode graduates work at top tech companies from Mexico to Argentina.

Holacode is betting against the current trends and landing incredible results.
— Sacha Thompson, Diversity lead Amazon Web Services.

 Student Projects


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