Hire Hola Code Grads


What sets our employer partnerships apart?

Bilingual and Bicultural Engineers

Our software engineers have either grown up or spent significant amount of their lives in the U.S. They understand American culture and values but they also speak Spanish which makes them valuable and versatile assets to any team.


HolaCode cares about the continuous development of our graduates and the aggregate value they can provide our hiring partners. As such, our talent placement team takes great care to match graduates with an ideal hiring partner.

Access to top talent

Every day, more and more returnees and refugees are coming back to Mexico. HolaCode is uniquely positioned to take them in and provide them an unparalleled coding education. Our hiring partners can be assured that HolaCode graduates have what it takes to succeed in tech.

“We are happy with HolaCode developers! They have demonstrated that far from being a ‘Junior’ category, they are people who have developed other forms of soft skills which complement their developer profiles. We hope to retain them and that Globant can be the place they choose to continue their professional growth.”
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Our Grads Work at Incredible Companies

Hear From Our Bicultural Software Engineers

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In all my time back in Mexico, this is the first real opportunity I’ve found.
— Bryan Solis, Cohort 2
It’s hard right now but I know my daughter and I’s life will be better after HolaCode.
— Fatima Avila, Cohort 2
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I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me now. HolaCode has completely changed my path.
— Erick Degante, Cohort 2
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