The Team


Marcela Torres


Marcela loves hacking things, especially social justice. Her commitment to bring about positive social change and corporate social responsibility has driven her engagement in the public sector, and career as an international consultant for social impact assessments and action-field-researcher across the world. She believes HolaCode has the potential to hack obstacles youth might encounter to achieve their dreams, create technology and access social mobility, while promoting the democratisation of technology. She holds an Msc in Social Development Planning from University College London, and a dual degree in International Studies from Universidad de Monterrey and Université Panthéon-Assas Paris II.


Nicolas Demeilliers


Nicolas is co-founder of Connovo, an impact venture builder which has built Extensio, Hipocampus and HolaCode. Before finding his passion as an impact entrepreneur, he worked for 7 years in investment banking in London and Paris at BNP Paribas, and set up an accelerator program for social entrepreneurs in Mexico for LGT Venture Philanthropy. Nicolas loves spending time with his family, playing flamenco guitar, training capoeira and travelling.


Diana Izquierdo 


Diana likes to make things happen and work for projects that enable her to learn different things. Her everyday adventures in HolaCode include being a problem solver, communicator, maximizing the budget, answering business necessities and being outside of her comfort zone. She has a BA in Finance from Tecnológico de Monterrey and MSc IBN from ESC Rennes School of Business, France.


Hector Mendoza


Héctor is passionate about social entrepreneurship and impact investing, he has mentored and worked with various Latin American social enterprises. He spent 2+ years working at Oliver Wyman, a management consulting firm. He holds a BE degree from Tecnológico de Monterrey.


Scott Yoon


Scott moved to HolaCode from San Francisco, California. He studied Statistics at University of California, Berkeley and has worked in various software companies including Adobe System and Cisco System as a software test development engineer. He is also a recent graduate of Hack Reactor and is currently mentoring students in the same school to help them realize their dreams. In his spare time, he likes to travel and make new friends.


Aída Chávez

Head of Students affairs

Aida is a specialist in migration and advocacy for migrant communities, refugees and displaced populations. She has nine years of experience in managing and implementing migrant assistance through public policy. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Migration Studies at the University of Sussex in the UK through the Chevening scholarship, a program aimed at developing global leaders.


Leni Alvarez

Head of recruitment

Leni is part of the 1.5 generation in the limbo, legally Mexican but raised "the American way". At 16, she found out she was living undocumented in the US and had to leave the only country she knew as home. After overcoming many obstacles thanks to the help of many, she has been able to empower herself through education. Through her life experience and education, she wants to help empower her community of Poch@s coming back to Mexico.


Alejandro Mora

Operations associate

Alex likes to work on projects with social missions; he has been working in topics such as Human Rights, feminism, and migration and now focusing in financial inclusion and social innovation. He has a BA in International Affairs from Tecnológico de Monterrey. Alex thinks that the only way to change the world is by empowering society through projects like HolaCode.


Cornellius Ngondo

senior Tech mentor

Cornellius is a software engineer and a mentor with a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Multimedia University of Kenya. He worked at Moringa School, where he trained over 100 graduates in both web and mobile app development and made relevant contributions to the curriculum. In addition, he represented his organization at Africa Women in Tech 2015 and Google Developer Group Meetups.


Nick Akey

Tech mentor

Nick moved to HolaCode from San Francisco, California. Before working as a software engineer, he worked at AND graduated Hack Reactor. Nick loves making complicated concepts understandable, and thinks anyone can master Javascript. In his free time, he likes to sing and play the guitar, and scuba dive.


Len Barreto

Tech mentor

Len is an Hola Code cohort 1 graduate and a sound geek who likes music, video games and working out. She has a Communications Bachelors degree, focused on A/V media and arts. She has a background on music technology and has worked on web management and UX optimization, which she learned at School of Visual Arts in NY.


Francisco Rojas

Hacker in residence

A lifelong computer addict Francisco is intrigued with complex systems, neural nets and machine learning thus, he joined HolaCode/Cohort 2 and became a software engineer. He is passionate about code, fine arts and reads a broad range of topics in his free time; “life is study”. He grew up in East Los Angeles and is driven by integrity, responsibility and honor.


Camilo Torres


I am the lord and master here at HolaCode. All these nice humans carry me around like the prince I am. When you visit, you must pay me my tribute.


Marco Castillo

tech mentor

Marco is a Civil Engineering Technician from IPN ESIA. He became a Software Engineer because he thinks that technology is a very important part of the world presently and in the future. He graduated from the first generation of HolaCode. Marco enjoys playing sports, having a picnic day, and spending time in nature.


Bruno Torres

tech mentor

Bruno is a 1st Gen HolaCoder. He has a BSc in Microbiology/Virology from the University of Leeds but became a software engineer because he believes technology is the last best hope for Humanity's survival in the coming Robot Uprising. Bruno enjoys reading sci-fi, drinking craft beer, and a well-provisioned charcuterie board.