The Program


Our bootcamp is designed around your needs.

Hola<Code /> is an immersive 5 month career-led coding bootcamp. We impart essential skills (technical & non-technical) required by the tech industry so that you can start a successful career in tech. We open our doors to the community of returnees, deportees and refugees.


Immersive Full-Stack

Learn to work with JavaScript’s front- and back-end frameworks.


Learn HTML, CSS, and the fundamentals of JavaScript during our 5-week introductory phase.


Leadership Program

Unleash your inner leader to build your career path.

Wellness Program

Master the skills to be successful in a career in technology.


Our syllabus, above all else, fosters software engineers ready to succeed in today’s tech industry.


Three meals a day

We share meals with our students every day.

Supportive community

From staff to peers, you will have a supportive group of people to help you out with anything.


Skills for Life

World-class curriculum fresh from Silicon Valley, powered by Hack Reactor.

AFK Leadership

From yoga to football, you will get away from the keyboard for an hour a day to do something new!

weekly Stipend

Don’t take a part-time job, focus on your program. We’ve got your back.



We subsidize a service that works for parents who want to become software engineers.

Financial Inclusion

Debit card program, partnership with Santander; Hola<Code/> specific loans (no collateral, no credit history required), financial lessons (savings, managing loans, planning for the future).

Ever since I met the HolaCode family, I always thought HolaCode is home for me. Being around
the HolaCode family was the only thing I wanted to do.
— Eduardo Barrañon, Cohort 1 Alum


4 weeks

  • Monday to Saturday

  • Go from zero to working with HTML, CSS and the Fundamentals of JavaScript.

  • Leadership Program

  • Wellness Program


17 weeks

  • Monday to Saturday

  • Fullstack JavaScript

  • Leadership Program

  • Wellness Program

  • Hola<code>’s curriculum is powered by Hack Reactor, an Industry Tested Curriculum, Pair programming and Project-Focused Learning.


Throughout the 5-month bootcamp:

Leadership Program

Work on leadership skills, overcome stage fright, get comfortable making presentations and proposals, creating a community, career coaching, designing your own path for your career goals. Learn how to learn and acquire skills for life.

Wellness Program

Take on a holistic approach to your learning path, from mindfulness to stress management and community creation. We provide from theatre exercises to yoga lessons to make sure you become a successful leader in your community and in technology!


Career Services


Leadership program, Job Readiness, Access to Hiring Partners and a Talent Placement Team to support your path into tech!


Top companies in Mexico have hired our talented graduates

We are happy with HolaCode developers! They have demonstrated that far from being a ‘Junior’ category, they are people who have developed other forms of soft skills which complement their developer profiles. We hope to retain them and that Globant can be the place they choose to continue their professional growth.
— Fabiola, Recruiting Coordinator, Globant Mexico.


Hola<code/> is here to say welcome to Mexico and welcome to technology. We are looking for untapped, potential talent that is ready to launch their career in tech. We don’t require prior experience or have educational requirements to enter the program.

What We Look for

Tired of the lack of opportunities ni aquí ni allá? Are you determined to change things? Do you want to be able to build and create new technology? We look candidates with the mindset of a potential software engineer, and for individuals who share HolaCode’s core values of empathy and resilience.

Admissions Process

  1. Online exam

    1. Motivation letter: in a minimum of 150 words, tell us why you want to join HolaCode.

    2. Analytical assessment: This will help us evaluate your logical reasoning.

  2. ‘Teach Us Something’ Video

    1. Use your imagination for this! Send in a 1-3 minute video teaching us something new.

  3. Final Interview

    1. Final interviews can be conducted virtually for students outside of Mexico City.

    2. This interview is designed to assess your technical skills and your culture fit for the program.


Tuition & Finances

Our tuition is based on success.

The “Pay it Forward” system is an essential pillar of Hola<Code/> that allows us to continue providing our services to future Hola<coders/> and to keep investing in potential talent. Paying it forward allows for greater educational access for more students and greater financial inclusion. Tuition payment is based on success which means that a student is only required to pay back their tuition if they land a job in tech. Hola<Code/> also provides a weekly stipend, which is a loan designed to support students as they focus on studying so that they do not need additional job while in the program. Receiving the stipend is conditioned on attendance.

When students repay their tuition, they become agents of change in their own communities, making it possible for another student to join the program and to dream a bolder future.


Financing options



In order for HolaCode to continue changing lives, we’ve created a unique student loan system with Kiva and Kubo, offering completely accessible loans regardless of credit score or bank guarantees.

Kiva is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to microloans for social causes, and Kubo is a Mexican FinTech firm dedicated to financial inclusion.

To secure a Kiva/Kubo loan:

  1. Student must prepare his/her documents.

  2. We upload your profile to Kiva, the funding platform.

  3. You get funded through microloans.

  4. Kubo contacts you to begin the credit evaluation.

  5. You choose the payment terms.

  6. Kubo approve your credit.

DONE! Your loan and repayment help us invest in future HolaCode students.



Coming soon!

Come see us in action!  

Get a sense of what makes Hola<code/> more than just a coding bootcamp. You’ll be welcomed by our recruitment team and shown around our offices. Get to meet the staff and Hola<coders/>! A computer is always on hand if you are ready to apply and start the admissions process.



 Who can apply?

At this moment Hola<code/> is open to the community of returnees, deportees and refugees.

Where are you located?

Hola<Code/> is located in Mexico City. We do not offer classes online and accepted applicants are required to come to our physical location.

What is Hola<code/>?

Hola<Code/> is a software engineering bootcamp powered by Hack Reactor (the Leading Coding Bootcamp in Program Quality & Student Outcomes). It is an immersive, career-led program. We impart essential skills (technical & non-technical) demanded by the industry so that you can start a successful career in tech.

What is a Software Engineer?

Software engineering is a field of engineering based on designing and writing programs for computers or other electronic devices. A software engineer, or programmer, writes software (or changes existing software) and compiles software using methods that improve it.

Why does it take only 5 months?

Our immersive program is quite intense. The program requires students to be present from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 18:00 during Phase 1 and Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 21:00 during Phase 2. Our rigorous program is designed to teach students to think life software engineers, and to land careers in tech. Our graduates are prepared to disassemble and solve complex problems, resulting in better careers, better work and better lives.

How does Hola<Code/> support you?

Hola<Code/> provides world class training, with highly experienced international mentors. Students also have access to counselling, mentoring and networking. Learn more about Hola<Perks/> here.

What is the weekly stipend?

Our weekly stipend is a cash transfer designed to support you during your process of becoming a software engineer without having to compromise or sacrifice your income or livelihood. This cash transfer is strictly conditioned to attendance to the bootcamp. The weekly stipend is an investment to allow students to focus and study.

What type of jobs can I access?

As a graduate from Hola<Code/> you will have access to entry level positions for software engineers. We will support your chances by providing the best tools and through our diverse activities held throughout the bootcamp to prepare you for the industry. We also hold events and do mock interviews with our hiring partners to introduce you to the industry.

What are the requirements to join Hola<Code/>?

There are no requirements to join beyond having a high-level of English proficiency and being a minimum of 18 years-old. Applicants are not required to have recognized or accredited studies, nor are they required to have any previous experience.

Is this program free?

Hola<Code/> invests in talent! There are not up-front costs to Hola<Code/>. The cost of the tuition and weekly stipend are deferred until the graduate secures employment. At that stage, numerous financing options will be presented to select the most suitable option. Pay it forward for another returnee, deportee, or refugee, to join the program with the same benefits you had and becoming an agent of change in your own community. Learn more about our tuition and financing options here.

How can I apply?

The first step to start your admissions process to Hola<Code/> is to apply online. This exam was created to look for potential talent and we recommend you set aside 1.5hrs to submit your application. Click here to apply directly or visit our Admissions page to learn more.