Tuition & Finances

Our tuition is based on success.

The “Pay it Forward” system is an essential pillar of Hola<Code/> that allows us to continue providing our services to future Hola<coders/> and to keep investing in potential talent. Paying it forward allows for greater educational access for more students and greater financial inclusion. Tuition payment is based on success which means that a student is only required to pay back their tuition if they land a job in tech. Hola<Code/> also provides a weekly stipend, which is a loan designed to support students as they focus on studying so that they do not need additional job while in the program. Receiving the stipend is conditioned on attendance.

When students repay their tuition, they become agents of change in their own communities, making it possible for another student to join the program and to dream a bolder future.


Financing options



In order for HolaCode to continue changing lives, we’ve created a unique student loan system with Kiva and Kubo, offering completely accessible loans regardless of credit score or bank guarantees.

Kiva is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to microloans for social causes, and Kubo is a Mexican FinTech firm dedicated to financial inclusion.

To secure a Kiva/Kubo loan:

  1. Student must prepare his/her documents.

  2. We upload your profile to Kiva, the funding platform.

  3. You get funded through microloans.

  4. Kubo contacts you to begin the credit evaluation.

  5. You choose the payment terms.

  6. Kubo approve your credit.

DONE! Your loan and repayment help us invest in future HolaCode students.



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